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Software to easily embedd images in html.

Software to easily embedd images in html (by use of the data uri (a.k.a. datauri) scheme), with the following aims: making html pages with small images more efficient to download (by avoiding making a separate request per image to display), making html newsletters look ok, when the user has configured its email reader not to download remote content (in order to maintain his privacy), and allowing the creation of error pages that correctly display images (without incurring in second-error problems when the error page does not refer to the base (or, even, expected) url).

Besides aiming helping one into easily embedding images in html, this software also aims easily converting bad into good photos, by helping one into selecting just their good portions.

For this to happen, first, the user selects the dimensions of the image to output and, after that, selects oversize-and-crop, so that the program can dimension the output window. After these steps, the user decides what part of the image is to be output and centers it accordingly; before centering it, however, the user has the chance of enlarging the image.

In addition to the possibility of centering the good portions of the image, the user can also enhance it by applying some filters to it, as, for instance, the one to change its contrast or the one to change its brightness.

Opens images of type bmp, jpeg, png, and tiff, whether or not they are embedded in a data uri (a.k.a. data uri scheme or datauri scheme).

Last but not least, the program has been created to be portable, thus, it does not require any installation at all and, as so, can be executed from a pen-drive.

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Easy Photo 2 Data URI for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.54
  • 5
  • (1)
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